It is a truth universally acknowledged…

Ah, yes, we are unique, indeed!

For this blog, I do not presume to talk on behalf of all female INTPs (or INTPs in general for that matter), but I’ve tried to give voice to my own experiences and thoughts as a female INTP, hoping it can help or give an insight for those out there in the same mindset or situation or those who just seek to understand the workings of a female INTP’s mind.

Since I’ve only lately discovered the ingenius, lifesaving invention of the Myers-Brigg Type Indicater (MBTI) and the fact that I am an INTP (at least 80%), I have only read this much about it, but I am still learning about it – and myself. I find that new, intriguing aspects keep popping up and are worth investigating. And since it seems I tire out everyone around me when my nerd parameter goes into the red zone, what better place to vent uninhibited and undisturbed than the Internet?

However unique it may be to not only be an INTP, but a female INTP no less, some of these points may still mirror those of many fellow (IN)TPs out there. Who knows? I find gender and sexuality, in the traditional sense, are awfully archaic and constricting and, by the way, do not define us; they are to be understood as fluid spectrums, not definitive categories. Just like those you identify with are never a definitive thing (ever so eloquently put). Thus this post may speak to not only ‘my gender’ but many more. I hope so.

As you may already tell, I am a frequent user of (self-)irony and lots and lots of parentheses (not a favorite in a Creative Writing class I once participated in, I can tell you that). My mind has its own mind, so to speak. I may therefore come off as Miss High-‘n’-Mighty as well as an eccentric, because it could very well sound like I’m looking down from above of a mountain (my middle name actually means ‘mountain’ in my native tongue. Coincidence? I think not) while having a conversation with myself while also being my own commentator …

Well, what can I say? I have no excuses (besides this). It sometimes feels like I’m living on a mountain, to be honest. High above, where no one can find me. Like in one of those children’s animations where a house is balancing on the mountain tip and keeps tipping dangerously from side to side while its occupant moves around inside of it.

And I am eccentric. Not in the ‘crazy, flamboyant aunt archetype, dressed in colorful clothes with lots of bangles and weird hats’-kind of way. It’s more ‘visible’ through my inner workings. Sadly, I’m a lot more mousy to look at. I’m certainly not dispelling any stereotypical vision of the ‘geeky girl’. Weirdly androgynous, though. I guess, I see it as my forte. Hell, I only have myself and the world to dive into, after all.

And if anyone ever says to you, either in jest or to insult: “You are weird”, then just shrug and say this to them: “Aren’t we all weird — by just being ourselves?”

They wouldn’t know how to respond to that, I’ll bet!

To sum up the essence of what you can expect to get from this blog, I’ll quote another famous NTP:

“Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind.”

— Bertrand Russell


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