Procrastination of a nighthawk

Is there a gold medal in procrastination? In that case, I should win it. Hell, I’m procrastinating right now, writing this. A common tendency among INTPs, they say. Putting off the inevitable. ‘Why do it today, when you can do it tomorrow?’ Yeah, not all that practical an attitude. But I just can’t help it. Something to do with how the logics of my mind works. Go look it up.

On top of that, I’m an incarnated nighthawk; my circadian rhythm resembling that of an owl. I go to bed late and get up even later. When necessary, I appear and disappear from the hole in my tree, making sure not to get too noticed, especially not by anyone I know, while I blink owlishly at the cashier as I buy enough food to last a week. Most of the time, I sit in my ‘tree’, thinking and contemplating about life, preferring my own company or that of a close, equal-minded friend. I find I think better at night; it is more peaceful and undisturbed, no one to interfere. I’m fascinated, spellbound, by the night; so quiet and dark; how everyone is asleep and wondering who is awake, besides me.



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