Other types

Is it weird that I find my own type hilarious and wonderful for all our quirks and flaws?

Mostly when I read about the type, though I have my suspicions I’ve already met one or two INTPs (mostly males). Given our quirky, original nature (though are we really the only types categorized as ‘original’?); half oblivious, half observant, tendency to give speeches no one else is able to follow, calm yet curious exterior, easy adaptability, spacey-ness (not Kevin), dressing shabby or weirdly, etc., we are not that hard to point out actually. At least not for other INTPs. Guessing people’s MBTI is quite the perfect pastime for the INTP.

My mother is an INTJ (without a doubt!) and my father is either an INFP or ISFP, I’m fairly certain. I still haven’t figured out my dear sister yet; she’s quite the enigma, to be honest. I suspect close to my type anyhow. I once had a roommate who was everything I was not and whom I now suspect was an ESFJ. The infamous opposite of the INTP. Safe to say, we didn’t get along. She moved out after about two months. My best friend is an INFP-going-INFJ and she certainly fits many of the listed pros and cons for her type. We have great dynamics in our friendship, very much aligned on certain passionate matters but the core differences, such as her being a Feeler and me being a Thinker, shine through as well. It’s so funny to discover along the way. And the more I read about the MBTI types the more obvious they appear in real-life. Reading and categorizing people has become a whole lot easier, that’s for sure.

It may sound like I see people as ‘science projects’ and – maybe I do, that’s just the INTP mind (I can hardly excuse it), but I see myself as a science project, as well. I’m fascinated with humans on a analytical level, but I’m a humanist too. It’s not personal. It’s not cold and clinically, either. Not to me, at least. I’m just curious. About everything. I may share personality type with dear Dr. Frankenstein (though he’s debatedly an INTJ) but I know where the blind spot lies in this statement. I’m not a ‘scientist gone wrong’ … yet. Nah, just kidding. For all my inverted eccentricities, I’m not willing to go that far for science. Besides, who’s got the time to piece a living creature together from various body parts, hm? I don’t even have the space for it. 😉


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