I’m not a one-project girl.

I wish I was.

I just – I really can’t stay to one project for a longer period of time. It’s the eternal curse of the INTP. The only situation in life where we are utterly, devastatingly, chronically unfaithful.

Hence, my current procrastination regarding my thesis project. (Fingers crossed my thesis supervisor doesn’t happen to read blogs that happen to be written by their 20-something students. *scoffs* Yeah, right. Like one in a million, right? … Until it isn’t. Yikes. Um, is it in any way a bad omen that I’m currently and literally sitting with my hand down a cookie jar while writing this piece?).

It doesn’t matter how much we love the current project we are working on; we’ll still get distracted and fall in love with thousand other things in the meantime. We make excuses to postpone the project and have an incessant need to keep perfecting/revising it; something that can take a lifetime or 30 very intense minutes – until we exhaust ourselves to partly not give a damn anymore and partly be damn proud we actually did it.

… Or is it just me?

OK, so I could just stop procrastinating, couldn’t I? Nope. Believe me, I’ve tried. Apparently, it’s the way I roll and no matter how painfully I force my will to do otherwise, I soon flow right back into that way too laid-back stream of ‘it will be done when it will be done-aka-the very last minute’-rhythm. As I said: Very impractical to be me, an INTP (hey, that rhymed).

(PS. I cannot take credit for this amazingly accurate chart.)


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