Full-fledged INTP?


Since discovering MBTI and that I was an INTP, I always suspected I was about at least 80% INTP.

But I just went through a bunch of statements from thatintp.tumblr.com and I practically ‘liked’ all of them!

Seems I’m definitely up by the 95% INTP. Maybe even 100%. Not that the above-mentioned Tumblr site is a definitive indicator of that – but when you can tick off at least 90% of INTP-related statements then there must be something about it, right?

On that note, I feel most of the analytical, scientific and non-scientific charts out there, describing the INTP, are very general and almost verging on the stereotypical. Maybe because a person being his/her type 100% is more or less unlikely, thus the type descriptions come off as more cardboard-like, all-rounded and fantastical in a ‘nice’ ambivalent, contradictory mix that never quite hits deep enough. Or because only the person being the type described can know how the type really is; which is much more complex, of course. Yet, one is blinded also by being one’s type, e.g. I can never presume to talk on behalf of other INTPs – even if I am almost 100% INTP – simply because each INTP is unique and none are the same. Thus, of course, one need an outer perspective and objective description of one’s type in order to get a general, synthesixed view of it for others to see, knowing the type descriptions are generalized and that there will always be things left out for each type. I think we all know this, it’s just easy to forget when we compare the types and their various quirks. Simply because it’s so much fun! Well, at least for me it is (*scoffs* nerd).

You know you’re an INTP when …

… you prepare ideal mental scripts for impending conversations.

… you wish you could be invisible and could just observe.

… when you think you’ve got everyone figured out but still can’t trust anyone.

…. while reading you get lost in thought but your eyes keep scanning over the page until you snap back to reality and have no idea what just happened in the story.

… your ideas flow by so quickly that you can only grasp and verbalise segments during conversations, which may make you seem incoherent.

… you will accumulate lots of interesting books, have good intent to read them, but never get around to it.

… you prefer the truth, even if it’s harsh.

… you are a jack of all trades, but master of none.

… when living in the secluded wilderness seems like a good idea.. until you wouldn’t have access to the internet.

… you look up something on Wikipedia and end up spending hours reading articles on topics completely different in what you were initially interested in.

… you’re constantly at war with your inner nemesis that incessantly contradicts you.

… everything sounds brilliant inside your head, but when you try to verbalise it.. disaster strikes.

… after you found out you were an INTP you went on an interweb researching rampage for every and anything related to MBTI.

… if it weren’t for sarcasm and irony you wouldn’t be able to talk to people.

… you often act like a chameleon, changing your personality to blend into a group.

… you can accurately analyse what’s going on beneath the surface in interactions between other people, but when you’re involved, you have no clue.

… you are a firm believer that is possible to be social without actually speaking.

… when your imagination is always far more interesting than anything happening in reality.

… you come up with fantastical theories that could potentially change the world but you’re okay with not telling anyone and letting these ideas die inside you.

… you will go reread old conversations in an attempt to analyse and search for deeper meaning of what was said.

… you have the answer but can’t quite phrase it to clearly explain what you are actually thinking.

… when people think you argue because you have to be right, but arguing is just a part of your quest to learn.

… you abuse parentheses… (or maybe it’s just me).

… every social engagement, even ones you are looking forward to, is preceded by a powerful desire to stay home instead.

… your response to things is either a reserved ‘hmm…’ or jumping up and down with childlike excitement. There is nothing in between.

… you are flattered when people describe you as ‘weird’, ‘odd’ or ‘eccentric’.

… you have complete confidence and no confidence, all at the same time.

… you treat your emotions as a foreign part of you that needs to be studied.

… you value honesty in others, yet cultivate in yourself the ability to deceive.

… you have a wide variety of interests that allows others to connect to you at various levels, however you rarely ever connect to them.

… you compulsively use “quotation marks”, /slashes/ and (brackets) because it allows more flexibility in your writing.

… when everyone gets sick of an intense discussion just as you start picking up speed.

… you find the phrase “that’s debatable” can be applied to any statement.

… etc.



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