Notes from a night owl

Thoughts come best to me at night.

I have the impractical feature of brain activity at night time and (everything) passivity in the daytime. At least impractical in a world built for early birds.

But first and foremost, I (or let’s blame it on my brain) have a frustrating tendency to come up with all the pearls of wisdom at the stage right before I fall asleep. Thus I’ll never get to write them down because, well, I’m asleep the next minute. Sometimes I manage to force myself to rise, turn on the light and write them down, but it is an awfully exhausting feat for head, eyes and body so close to sleep. Often I don’t even manage to write anything down because all the ‘words of wisdom’ tumbled across each other in my head, hardly taking permanent shape or form before they vanished again and made way for new ones. That’s the way associative thinking rolls. Combined with the night owl tendencies, it’s a ‘hearty’ cocktail.

It frustrates me to no end that I can come up with so many great points, sentences, arguments, etc. when I am nearly unconscious but not when I am awake and that I have not been able to remember or recreate even half of them the next morning.

In general, I take to doing most of my ‘work’ at night. It just suits me better. I will not get interrupted by phone calls, noises of traffic and people outside my door and no scheduled meetings to attend to. Most of the city is asleep. The tranquility is blissful, to be honest.

And it’s not like I cannot wake up early if I have to (I got my fair share throughout high school) or that I cannot enjoy early mornings; I’m simply not built for waking up at such ungodly hours.

And why this general shaming of night owls anyway? Just because we go to bed late and wake up late, doesn’t automatically equals that we’re lazy asses (well, not all of us). I’ve known early birds who can be equally lazy – if not more. Often more impatient and less adaptable to be going off course than I’ve known night owls to be. But that may be a variable.

My point is: It’s actually unhealthy to fight against your natural circadian rhythm. Would you know, people are built differently inside out, internal clocks and all!

Why should we always adjust to society and not the other way around for once? Most jobs are situated around the 9 to 5 working hours, unless you work the night shift at some rather specific job station. Though B-people may be more adaptable, it’s certainly no thrill to adjust to a lifetime of 9 to 5 working hours. Especially if you’re just no good that early in the morning (even with a generous fill of caffeine). Would it be so hard to be a bit more lenient towards such matters when we’re talking about a global phenomenon (what are we? Half the planet, more or less?)? It certainly would make the world for us B-people a lot easier to wake up to.

And hereby endeth the rant.

In the middle of night.


I should go to bed.


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