What you’ll probably find me saying/thinking every so often

  • “That’s debatable”
  • “That seems symptomatic to …”
  • “I blame evolution for being subject to such basic impulses”
  • “Why should that be expected as being normal?!”
  • “Have you tried thinking about it this way …?”
  • “Sorry, I have no idea what you’re talking about”
  • “What’s with the constant judging, people?”
  • “I had no idea this was the day that people did this thing… Why?”
  • “I do nothing. Or, no, I do something. I think.”
  • “Okay. So everybody just presumes one should know about this. When they tell you nothing, how is one supposed to know..?!”
  • “How on earth did this thing get so many supporters/members/fans? I want to know”
  • “How on earth did anyone come to think this was a good idea? I want to know”
  • “Have you noticed that …?”
  • “Why does my body keep doing that? It’s so strange. But then again, so is my brain.”
  • “These [insert number] things are so similar. I wonder if they have any connection? I bet they do. I must find out or make the connections myself”
  • “I don’t get how you can live without having/understanding irony… HOW??”
  • “Why am I the only one laughing at this?”
  • “I bet it is more complex than that”
  • “Yeah, but what if …”
  • “How can your mind be so small?”
  • “Oh, I wish …”
  • “That’s relative”
  • “I don’t understand why I cannot use this word/proverb like that. Language isn’t a static thing. It never has been. Besides, how can you claim to have monopoly of the use of a word/proverb when you hardly know its original meaning, how it came about in the first place or why we still use it in totally different contexts? Jeez.”
  • “Yeah, like that one/every time in history when …”
  • “Learning curves, peeps!”
  • “I feel like figuratively strangling that person/those people who do this thing. No, literally.”
  • “Now, I don’t want you to take this personally, but you do realize that …”
  • And the list goes on:

*revised 15/5/17*


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