INTP Pet Peeve #2

People who, by principle, exclude or refuse to include certain possibilities in an argument, even the possibility of reconsidering their argumentation.

What I’m really talking about here is a rigidity of mind. A certain stubbornness or arrogance in some people’s logic which bugs the hell out of me!

I’m sorry but the INTP in me just shines through here, and I know some people (sometimes) can’t help thinking like this.

Hell, even I have to eliminate certain possibilities in a logical analysis or deduction in order to narrow it down, but not before considering as many alternative possibilities as possible first. And by narrowing down doesn’t exclude the ‘discarded’ possibilities for good. By principle, “what I know for sure is that I know nothing”. Or, rather, what I know is one side of a matter and I am aware there might be other sides to it. That doesn’t necessarily make my conclusion any less true, just one argument or logical conclusion of a matter. By principle, I am open to discuss my argument and ready to listen to other perspectives.

However, when people are not aware of this or even ready to discuss their point of views to some extent – that’s where I balk!