Procrastinating, eclectic, twenty-something, female/androgyne, Neutral Good, INTP 5w4 social variant, with a wicked jaw and sharp eyeteeth. Made of 70% irony, 20% coffee and 10% fictional characters. Professional wallflower and flâneur whose existence can be summed up in Bowie’s “Life on Mars?”.

Makes observations about life but rarely participates. An unquenchable thirst for knowledge (and chronic use of parentheses). Married to the Internet/Wikipedia and has at least 16 tabs open in her browser.

Displays tendencies of megalomania with certain inferiority complexes and hermit-like behaviour, yet not without the recquired social skills. Signs of indecision and undue modesty. Prone to eccentric humour, stubborness, passionate outbursts and rants. Show of temper when stressed or frustrated and faced with injustice, otherwise fairly mellow and melancholy in private. In conclusion: a contradictory behaviour.

Realist as well as maladaptive daydreamer. Keeps an honest and open-minded view on life. Gets into random discussions with random strangers at the most random of times. Believes everything is interconnected, complex and multilayered. Stimulated by intellectual conversations. Hates dealing with absolutes and not big on conventions or conformity. Values personal freedom, independence, respect and (self-ironic) humor. Skill set entails overactive, highly (self)analytical, abstract and associative thinking.

Fond of her simple creature comforts. Believes herself to be more or less the female version of Richard Ayoade and aspires to have a Lemony Snicket/Fernando Pessoa-like role in society; either wandering the streets, observing people, or sitting in an armchair, writing books and giving advice clouded in a mysterious, witty aura and loads of heteronyms.

Future endeavours: Who knows?

Rare specimen. Possibly an alien.


4 thoughts on “About

    • Hello to you too! Nice to meet a fellow INTP female (we few, we happy few) 😉
      And thanks for asking: I’m majoring in Art history (I don’t know why I haven’t disclosed this before, it’s really no big secret).
      What about yourself, if I may ask? 🙂


  1. thecognizants says:

    Yes, I don’t know why God didn’t make more of us out there in this world lol.
    I majored in Economics and am about to leave the world of business analysis in the fashion industry. Upon discovering my type, I have made a vow to make a transition into a more INTP-friendly lifestyle :). Hope your journey will be a blessed one~

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  2. AJM3 says:

    Thank you for putting into words what dances around in my head. You are light years ahead in understanding yourself from where I stood at your phase in life. Wishing you a peaceful journey ahead.

    Liked by 1 person

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